Megan has an innate ability to pare down any problem and slice it into bit-sized chunks, helping you see what was there all along. Her unique blend of business savvy, personal insight, and approachability makes her an essential resource for any new or growing company. I can guarantee that you will leave a consulting session with Megan pondering things that would never have crossed your mind otherwise!

- Amelia S.

Owner, Whisk and Blend Marketing

After just one hour with Megan, my perspective has completely shifted. My jumbled thoughts have been replaced with a clear and concise plan of action. She holds a gift for truly listening, for helping you sift through what may feel complex. By the end of our session, I was seeing the real heart of what matters and motivates me. Thank you, Megan.

Melissa K.

Business Owner

I had a fabulous, inspiring, and eye-opening session with Megan. The biggest takeaway was clarity. My goals are now clearer and far more defined. Loved her consulting style and insight!

Candi C.

Business Owner

I had a great session with Megan and felt validated for wanting more in my life. It was awesome tos hare with someone who really understands me and the heart of women. One of the greatest take-aways was setting my Intentions, not goals. I love that simple switch that has helped me see possibility in everything. Thanks you, Megan!

Amy H.

Prospective Business Owner

Yesterday I had my very first session with Megan. I had just returned from a week in NYC and was under the weather with a cold. A few minutes on the phone and Megan was asking all the right questions. Listening and responding with astute suggestions. She is very intuitive and yet there’s not a lot of ‘fairy dust’ – just straightforward advice. For me, it’s clear that I have to put aside time — every day — for writing. No more excuses. thanks for spelling it out in a way that was encouraging and yet no nonsense.

Susan S.

Business Owner

My conversations with Megan was a clear reminder on things I know as a coach…and yet, without that direct support it’s easy to forget. Megan helped me redefine my value and assets and gave me guidance toward a clear direction moving forward.

Jen G.

Business Owner

I always look forward to my conversations with Megan. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. She quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder.

I really enjoyed the email coaching as I could come back to your words and advise again and again rather than having a talking session and forgetting most of it not long afterwards. Thank you so much for helping me launch my business!
Allison Middlebrook

Business Owner