Private, one-on-one coaching is often the fastest way to make change in your business or your life.

Utilize my extensive business experience and big, soft heart and you’ll get personal, undivided attention to you and your business. I specialize in the following areas: business strategy, accountability, marketing with your values at heart, and evaluating and executing new product ideas.

This private coaching is totally custom. We can work through any topic you need–from a general business audit to a specific business challenge. We will meet over the phone or via Skype to go over your unique situation. I will use my years of business consulting experience to help you find your way through confusion to clarity and success.

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“Seriously, ladies, she did amazing things for me and my business. She didn’t decide the direction I needed to take, but somehow (did you hypnotize me when I wasn’t looking?) managed to pull all the answers out of me.

So the result was my business was truly sticking to my vision, even though I couldn’t have told her my vision when we began. She helped me clarify my goals and my vision and figure out the best way to make them happen.

I have so much confidence in myself, my business, and what I’m creating—and it’s because of Megan. She showed me that I have everything I need within me to be the best business owner possible. She showed me that I am enough and I am worth every penny I charge and much more because I was undercharging for my services. That confidence she gave me means more clients and more income without compromising my lifestyle.

Enough gushing. You get the point. Hire Megan!”

Mindy Shoeneman

Owner, Sincerely, Me, LLC

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