How to Use Facebook Live to Connect With Your Customers

How to Use Facebook Live to Connect With Your Customers

Facebook Live was rolled out to iPhone users just a week or so ago and I’ve had the most fun experimenting with it. Here is what I’ve learned about it so far:

Why: Facebook Live is a game changer. It allows you to connect to your audience, clients, and customers in a really cool way. You already have an audience on Facebook, and this allows you to continue to connect with them and not have to build a new audience like you do if you use some of the other streaming services (Periscope, Meerkat, Blab). Facebook is really excited about this new update, so anyone that uses the Live feature should know that, at least in the beginning, Facebook will reward you with showing the video to more of your newsfeed!

What: Facebook Live is a live streaming function that allows you to make live videos right inside Facebook. It connects via your business page, and you can use it to stream live videos anytime.

Who: Facebook Live is available to iPhone users in the US right now. Facebook says they are working on rolling it out in other countries, and an Android version should be released “soon”. Anyone with a Facebook business page should have it on your mobile device. Make sure to update your app and then check to see if it’s there.

How: A Facebook Live post is just like any other post you make on your page. Click on Publish and you’ll get a box where you might normally write a post…instead, look for a little head with two lines around it. That’s the Facebook Live icon.

A little box will pop up that says “Describe your live video” and that is where you title your Live session. Hit “Go Live” and there will be quick countdown from 3…and you’ll be live streaming!

When you’re done broadcasting, click the “Finish” button and the video automatically becomes a video on your page. When the video is done, you can edit it and choose which thumbnail image to use, select a category for your video, add a Call to Action, or add a custom URL. People can also subscribe to your Live feed so that anytime you go on, they will get notified. Oh, and you can point the camera at yourself, or outward to show what you are looking at.

When: There are so many uses for this and here are a few ideas for how you might use it in your business:

  • Interviews
  • Behind the scenes
  • Walk-through projects
  • Teach a lesson
  • Make a big announcement
  • Show a rehearsal or practice session
  • Q and A’s
  • Product Demo
  • Breaking News

In conclusion:

Video streaming, and video in general, is an amazing opportunity to show your expertise and your business to the world. I can’t say enough how important video is to building a social media following, and Facebook has just made it so much more simple. And the results are pretty impressive. I’ve only published a few Live videos, but they are getting 100% more engagement and views that anything else on my page.