14 Ways to Use Video In Your Marketing

14 Ways to Use Video In Your Marketing

Video is going to be THE THING in social media in the next few years. Do you want to be at the forefront of the trend? I know I do! So, here’s a list of  ways you can use video to market your business

  1. Record yourself reading testimonials from past clients
  2. Screencast a demo of your product or service
  3. Create short “Thank You” videos for clients, suppliers, strategic partners, or your business best friends
  4. Film your customers giving you testimonials
  5. Turn blog posts into short how-to videos
  6. Record yourself giving presentations
  7. Interview thought leaders or other people in your industry that you really think are great
  8. Use Periscope to broadcast from live events so people feel like they are there, too
  9. Use Blab to host a “roundtable” or “panel” discussion around a topic of your business
  10. Live stream behind the scenes of your business
  11. Tips of the Day: record yourself giving free advice
  12. Q and A: ask for questions from your followers and answer them on video
  13. Introduce new employees or team members to your followers
  14. Actually show how you create or build a product


Not sure how to get started using video? Check out my {free} guide!



What ideas do you have for using video in your business? Let me know in the comments!


Just Megan

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  1. Sári

    I might suggest a few of these to a new landscaping client who is growing (ha!) in leaps and bounds and wanted to keep his momentum on the radar. I didn’t consider video, thanks!