Lessons from Brianna Hall

Lessons from Brianna Hall

It’s our pleasure to feature Brianna Hall, an amazing photographer and creative!

What’s Your Story?

Well, that’s a loaded question! Ha! I’m a divorced mama of two amazing preteen girls, living in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Tell us about your current business:

I’m an artist, and my dream is to use art + creativity to guide women to find a deeper connection to faith and a more authentic grasp of their true selves. I lead spiritual art workshops that teach women (and some men) to heal inner wounds and reconnect with or deepen their faith. I also serve as a creative business mentor or life coach, walking people through the process of discovering their God-given purpose and crafting a mission based on their unique strengths and passions.

How did you end up here?

I’ve always been an artist of sorts. I started my business as a photographer, and have trusted in my own inner guidance along the way to evolve into deeper mission. I moved from photographer, to graphic designer, to branding and marketing…and have landed (so far) in the heart of it all — connection, faith, creativity, curiosity. It’s a constant process of growth and adjustment, and as long as I’ve been willing to ride it out, it’s never steered me wrong!

Name one challenge you grapple with regularly in your business?

I’m a creativity junkie, and I do a LOT of things. I do a lot of things really, really well. It’s been a struggle for me throughout my life to focus and say NO when I need to say no. It’s a very real problem, though it sounds silly to say it. I feel obligated to take on a lot of requests, simply because I’m good at whatever is being asked of me — but when I do so, it’s always at the cost of my own priorities or mission. I’ve gotten very intentional about where my YESes lead me, and finding someone else to help cover my NOs.

What was the lowest point in your business and how did you work your way through it?

I actually lost my business entirely a few years ago. I joke that my 20’s hit the self-destruct button on their way out the door, but the truth is that I hit 30 and had lost everything. My relationship, and with it my home, and my studio, and my business license was suspended thanks to a sales-tax-audit-gone-horribly-wrong. I sat in the rubble of my world crashing down around me, and all I had left was my two little girls, looking at me for answers I didn’t have. It took a lot of soul-searching, and hustle, and hard work, to begin to rebuild from there.

What was the highest point in your business?

I think I’m in it now. I had a summer or two of great success financially as a wedding photographer, and that felt great — but right now, I’m so on mission, and on the verge of breakthrough in my work. It’s such a sacred place to be. I know that I’m finally dialing in to where I’m being led, and God is working some powerful miracles on my behalf. My work is creating major impact on the lives of the women taking my workshops, and on those who see my art. Impact that I never imagined. And I know this is only the beginning!

Do you have a favorite mantra or quote?

Art heals. It doesn’t care who you are, or if you think you’re creative. Art heals you anyways. It just does. (*That’s me.)

What words of advice do you have for someone who is in business or is thinking of starting one?

Always leave room for miracles. You can plan and plot and scheme and have your own idea of what you want to create — but always leave it open-ended for the possibility of more. When you hand your dreams over to God or the Universe, you tap into resources beyond your imagination. Dream big, but then allow space for your dreams to grow bigger.

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Thanks to Brianna for a great interview!

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