The Desire Tree: Sending Your Desires to the Universe

The Desire Tree: Sending Your Desires to the Universe

What started as a tiny little idea last year at this time exploded by New Year’s Eve. I am a big fan of Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map, and wanted to connect with others in her Facebook group in a unique way. In the Desire Map, you go through exercises to discover your Core Desired Feelings (CDF’s). These are the desires and wishes that mean the very most to you, and by which you can use as a kind of filter or lightening rod for your life. I had the idea that if people would write me their most important/priority/wished for desire for 2015, I’d write it on a tag along with their first name and the initial of their last name and hang it on my Christmas tree. Then, on New Year’s Eve, I’d take them off the tree and burn them to send them out to the universe.

I was overwhelmed by the number of requests. I started a new Facebook group so I could keep track. I had to buy a bigger tree, and then an even bigger tree. I drove all around the Twin Cities to find more tags to write on. And on New Year’s Eve, I burned 360 desires. It was an amazing project, and it made me feel so much love and appreciation and connection that my heart nearly burst.

And then today, I get the following message from Lavanya De Mel:

“First of all Megan, my English isn’t perfect, but I don’t want that to be a barrier to convey my love and gratitude to you. I stumbled upon your page and I was excited about what you were going to do for last year Christmas. My wish was to attract “Beauty” and my tag was there when you uploaded the pictures. And I still have that picture with me. My wish was granted within a day or two. Since then, I’ve been receiving amazing compliments on my beauty from everyone. In 2014, I was dumped by a guy who thought my sister is more beautiful than me. He was the guy who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Once after knowing that I’m not beautiful enough to him, my whole world came falling apart. I have never been so heartbroken before. It took me months to get back to where I was. I thought I’ll never find a guy who will find me pretty and beautiful. I hardly received good compliments from the world. BELIEVE ME, once after hanging my wish on your Christmas tree, things started to change. Year 2015 has been the bestest year of all. Five guys asked me out including the one who left me…how about that??? That’s not all. People say that I’ve transformed completely. Till date I have been told that I have become a lot prettier, they ask me what products I use. This is something even to dream of, I had a very low self esteem. But not I’m confident and I know I’m beautiful and attractive. Everyday I wish everyone to be beautiful and to be told that they are beautiful, too. I don’t use makeup unless it’s a special occasion, but I’m told I’m beautiful. I still can’t believe this is happening. Thank you Megan! Thank you millions! I have no words to express my gratitude. May all YOUR dreams and wishes come true this Christmas. May YOU live healthy, beautiful and may YOU long live. May YOU be happy always!”

Here is her tag. I just happened to take a picture of it.

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I’m going to do it again this year. I got the tags, I have the tree (and this time, I ordered tags in bulk from amazon :-)), and now, it’s time to fill it up with the wishes and desires of all of the people that are yearning for 2016 to be THEIR year.

If you want to participate, go to my Facebook group and write a comment on the thread there. All I need is your biggest, most important wish/desire/want/need in 2016. It can be a feeling, a desire, a number, a goal…whatever you want. Just limit it to ONE word, please. Really think about what it is that you want!

The group is HERE!

I can’t wait to send your wish up to the universe!

Just Megan