Your Go-To Guide For Gifts For Women Entrepreneurs

Your Go-To Guide For Gifts For Women Entrepreneurs

Books. Though we may never have the time to read them, we will appreciate them dearly. Our favorites include: (I am an amazon affiliate, so let’s use my links here!)

  • Anything by Brene Brown. We’re currently reading Rising Strong  
  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert  
  • Marketing Books such as The Content Code
  • Hilarious books by comedians. We love Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants
  • Amy Poehler’s Yes Please
  • Seth Godin’s Tribes. We follow Godin’s blog, subscribe to his newsletter, and read just about anything he produces. We’re on the bandwagon.  

Big Magic

Subscription to Audible. Though we may not have the time to read to a book, we can always listen to it on the way to the office!


Quality audio equipment. It’s amazing how frequently entrepreneurs need quality audio. Whether it’s for a screencast, blab, podcast, or webinar, owning a nice external mic can make a big difference. We use the Yeti and love it. This mic plugs into your computer with a USB cable and has a total of two buttons. Hello, user friendliness.

Blue Yeti

Home office makeover. An entrepreneur’s home office should be a source of inspiration and productivity. If it’s cluttered, dark, or has poor storage, a home office can be quite a drag! Our personal tip – leave space for her vision board. Entrepreneurs love those things. Also, don’t forget to add the personal touches that make it comfortable for her. If she uses essential oils, find a specific space for her diffuser; if she’s a photographer, find a desk that supports multiple large monitors.

Home Office

Coffee. Do we need to say anything else? This can come in many forms: a new coffee maker, coffee gift cards, artisanal coffee flavor syrups, a subscription to a monthly coffee club, etc.


Killer headphones. Bose noise cancelling headphones tend to be the go-to in this category. We work at all hours of the day and night, and sometimes that requires drowning out the TV, laundry machine, microwave, and dog all at once.


Apple TV. If the entrepreneur in your life regularly visits clients to make presentations, chances are she could use this tool. The Apple TV allows her to wirelessly present information, finished products, etc.

Apple TV

Customized business card holder. Everybody wants to look like a boss when they hand out business cards, and entrepreneurs are no exception. There are plenty of sites where you can customize a business card holder, including Etsy. One of our team members has one from Woodchuck, too.

Business Card Holder

Girl Boss gear. Like this mug on Etsy! Or this less-inspirational, but all-too-honest mug. Maybe you’re going for a powerful but feminine mug?

Meeting Mug

Charging station. If your boss has an endless supply of gadgets and devices, help them organize their charging with a charging station.

Charging Station

LiveScribe. This pen/notebook combination allows you to use an old-fashioned pen and paper to take notes that show up on your tablet or smartphone. For all the old-school bosses in new-school industries. You can find it on Amazon.


ZipBuds. These earbuds zip up from the base so they don’t tangle in storage or in use.

Zip Buds

Super Pretty Planners. You could buy a super amazing, beautiful artsy hippy one like Leonie Dawson’s or a more serious and sensual one like Danielle Laporte’s. While you’re in Danielle Laporte’s website, check out other giftable items such as the Truthbombs Deck!

Desire Map Planner

Resource for How to Write a Book. Danielle Laporte’s amazing Big Beautiful Book Plan has everything she’ll need to finally write that book and get published!

Book Plan