Your Go-To Guide For Client Gift Ideas

Your Go-To Guide For Client Gift Ideas

Movie night. Use an old-school popcorn bucket to hold movies, microwaveable popcorn, fuzzy socks, and drinks. Purchase and include a Redbox or Netflix gift certificate.

Movie Night

Gift cards. Share with your client something that means the world to you. Whether it’s a gift card to your favorite book store, or a brewery your client has been meaning to visit, give them a reason to go there. You can accompany a gift card with a physical representation of the place (eg. for a book store, accompany it with a bookmark; for a brewery, include a branded pint glass).

Gift Card

Recipe in a jar. Mix up your favorite (non-perishable) recipes to share. You could make mason jars of steak rubs, gift bags of spices for your famous potatoes, or share all the (dry) ingredients for your grandma’s cookies.

Mason Jar

Branded items. If you provide services to a small business that doesn’t buy much of its own swag, get them some branded gear. Think business card holders, sweatshirts, notebooks, or phone cases.


Business Card Holder

Time. Well, you can’t actually buy them time, but you can free some of their time up. Services such as Fancy Hands allows them to assign odious tasks for someone else to do.

Fancy Hands

Donation. Make a donation in their honor. Pick a charity that is close to their heart, and let them know how they’ve made a difference.

dollar and Donation Box, concept of Donation

Customized gift box. Not the creative type? That’s okay. Sesame Gifts creates unique gift boxes that you can send to your clients. Whether it’s yoga or ice cream, they’ve got it all.

Sesame Box

Socks. We all know that one person who is obsessed with silly socks. Support their addiction with Sock 101, a sock subscription that sends new, funky socks to your client every month.

Sock 101

Customized fortune cookies. Write customized messages and get a variety of fortune cookies sent to you or your client.

Fortune Cookie