Interview With Rachel Seifert

Interview With Rachel Seifert

We are so happy to introduce you to Rachel Seifert, who has built a photography business that brings her happiness and allows her to SHINE!

Your Name: Rachel Seifert

Your Business: Rachabella Photography

Your Title: Photographer/Owner

Previous Work Experience:

Media Sales Assistant >Photography Sales Representative> current: Special Education Assistant part time >current: Rachabella Photography business/owner
About your current work:

Currently I am doing my best to manage my part time job as a Special Education Assistant in the schools and my photography business the other half of the time. With my ultimate goal in mind of doing Rachabella Photography full time, I work around the clock. The balance is challenging at times, but my dreams and bigger goals, have me working harder.

My goal is to photograph life’s most special moments, take part in others’ adventures, and enjoy the journey of life we all so graciously experience. After all, life is about the experience and each moment that takes our breath away. Being someone who gets to capture those candid and special moments, is my dream. Every individual shines, and to be a part of their day-to-day adventures and life-changing moments is a gift and blessing that I forever wish to be a part of.

Goals are huge when starting a business, especially when chasing something that you are so passionate about. I learned goal setting the hard way and quickly learned that setting goals can be simple and effective if you know complete things before moving onto something new.

Words of Advice: Set attainable and challenging goals for each year. Keep a journal with these goals or post them somewhere that you can see them every day. Know that YOU CAN DO IT and you will succeed if you keep trying. Honestly, if it’s not a little challenging, then what is the fun in that?! If you set your goals from your heart and with your business/creative/work in best interest, you will always stay dedicated and grounded in the work you love.

My partners in Rachabella Photography are of course my amazing clients but also the creative community and family. Networking and reaching out to others in the creative community will always open doors to new business, support and ideas and having support from those dearest to you is all a plus!

What’s your story?

Growing up watching my Dad photograph and film everything, was always special and intriguing to me. Naturally it was always around me. I fell in love with photography after learning to use his B/W 35mm Film camera. Fast forward into high school and college, and I continued to photograph everything; travels, people, friends, events and more. It was in college when I met my husband who has forever inspired me and encouraged my creative sense.

Rachabella Photography is rooted deeply in love. My hubby, Gary, began calling me Rachabella as we started our journey of life together, years ago! We value genuine relationships, built on faith, love and truth, and we choose grace and gratitude in our day-to-day lives. It only seemed real to incorporate the love my hubby shares for me into the passion and love I create with Rachabella Photography.

How do you manage your workflow? Are there specific tools you can’t live without?

I work two jobs and my weeks and weekends are always jam-packed. But I choose for it to be this way. My workflow consists of keeping up with emailing clients back within 24 hours (as best I can!), communicating with clients on a personal basis by meeting for coffee or wine, prepping blog posts, sharing photos on social media, and following up with friends, clients and families post the event.

Specific tool: Instagram. It’s funny to think that this small square photo app can mean so much to my business and me. I have networked, met new friends, been inspired by, gained a larger audience, and met current and future clients by way of sharing and viewing images on Instagram. Best part of social media tools? It’s free marketing and you can absolutely grow your business.

Where do you do your best work?

I feel most creative when I am outdoors, traveling, exploring, with friends, family or with other creatives.

When its time to sit down and go through emails, edits and more, coffee is my best friend. I love coffee. I start my day with coffee during my morning reflection, go through emails and edits with coffee and most often enjoy a cup (or two) throughout my afternoon. I could drink it at all times of the day. When not in the schools, I am either on my couch or can be found in local coffee shops, listening to music, and diving through photo edits.

What are your measurements of success?

For me, measurements in success do not involve numbers of the amount of money I am making. I live for positive feedback from clients, genuine smiles on their faces, personal thank you’s from couples and individuals at weddings, and setting attainable goals. Success comes in many different forms, but I strive for happiness in all that I do and I know that happiness will always come when you are chasing your dreams.
What advice would you give to other women entrepreneurs?

Go for it, and don’t give up. Set attainable goals and challenges, and use your strength to your best advantage. Know that community is way better than competition, and that everything will always work out because of following whats in your heart.

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