9 Marketing Lessons from Lucie at Locally Laid (an egg company, you pervert!)

9 Marketing Lessons from Lucie at Locally Laid (an egg company, you pervert!)

Lucie Amundsen has a free-range chicken farm empire, and has branded the eggs “Locally Laid”. I saw her speak at an event yesterday, and she was so funny and so right-on about marketing.

She writes her posts from the voice of her “girls”…all named LoLa (short for LOcally LAid…get it?) She was such an inspiration and so, so funny [Did I say that already? I hope you understand that she was REALLY funny]. She had some powerful ideas that led to her success in marketing her company in a very over-saturated [not saturated fat, mind you!]egg world:

1. Narrative

Find your voice. Her voice is silly, pushes the sexual innuendo envelope…and she tells stories. Her playfulness helped her write an open letter to a gentleman who wrote her a letter about being offended by the name of her company. It went viral and gained international attention.

2. Romance

People want romance. Ask yourself, what is interesting about what you do to the people that don’t get to do it? For her, it’s shots of egg washers and baskets of eggs. Hardly seems romantic, but people love to be see the behind the scenes stuff.

3. Trust

When you share the bad stuff, people will be more likely to believe the good stuff. Lucie isn’t afraid to say that they are in debt or that the bird flu that has swept the upper midwest isn’t scaring the shit out of them.

4. Shiny Objects

What’s new, different, special about you? People LOVE the new.

5.  Find your MONEY SHOT

It’s the one thing that always gets the most likes or tweets. For her, any picture of a chicken gets the most engagement.

6. Earned Media

Find ways to help journalists and others tell your story. Send out press releases when you’re going to do something cool. She gave the example that they were going to plant thousands of raspberry bushes so they let the local press know…TV news crews and local newspapers showed up to get the action shots.


Find the verbs for your posts…not the adjectives.

8. People LOVE the gear

Lucie says that although vegans don’t buy her eggs, they do buy her t-shirts!

9. Dirty Optional

My personal favorite lesson. Lucie isn’t afraid to play on sex. Lucie is this sweet, little, unassuming 40-something mom that GOES THERE. But it’s so clear that your mind is in the gutter that you can’t help but laugh out loud.


It’s easy to get internet blinders and only see marketing inspiration in your own industry. There are so many things from this list that I want to try out in our marketing now. And we have nothing to do with eggs or chickens. (Unless you are talking about the chickens that are too afraid to start a business!!! Bock Bock!!!!)

My company is just finding our authentic voice. It really helped to understand that Lucie found hers through a chicken. I have started trying to combine both the professional/academic side of my business with the inner [mostly sarcastic] inner dialogue in brackets. It’s a work in progress, but it’s starting to feel really right.

If you’d like to learn more about Locally Laid, here is a link to their website:


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