7 Things to Do To Thaw Your Frozen Business Feet

7 Things to Do To Thaw Your Frozen Business Feet

7 Things to Do to Thaw Your Frozen Business Feet

It’s amazing how I can go from being so excited about something in my business to being completely frozen.  I don’t know what makes the switch flip.

I wake up full of ideas and energy.  Then I sit down at my computer and check email and Facebook. I bask in Mexico-like sunshine inside my head.  I look for inspiration and ideas and then all of a sudden…I can’t move.  I CAN’T MOVE!  I stare at the computer screen and my thoughts turn from excitement and anticipation (and visions of sandy beaches and my hair blowing in the salty air) to full-blown-frozen-can’t-move fear.

Comparison creep happens.  I don’t think my (insert anything here) is going to be as good/great/awesome as what everyone else has.

And then, it becomes even bigger…it then becomes….

OMG.  Who do I think I am?  I am not smart/thin (I’m not even close to thin!)/strong/creative/brave enough to have a business! Oh no, who is my target market?  Why can’t I just settle on one and not keep questioning myself?  My advice to any of my business coaching clients is this:  the more clear you are on your ideal client, the better.  Taking my own advice is certainly the b-word.

The idea of being so specific in my audience is giving me a headache and heartache.  But I also know that picking one industry is so much easier.  But if it’s supposed to be easy, why doesn’t it feel easy?  Is it the wrong industry? Is it supposed to ALWAYS be easy or just the majority of the time? Who said it was going to be easy, anyway?

Wait.  What I really need to be asking myself is this:  Am I just stalling?  Am I scared or is my gut really telling me not to do something?  How can I tell the difference?

When I go away from the computer and sit in a quiet place, my gut whispers to me:

  1. Start. Get started and figure it out as I go. Today is not “figure it all out day”. I’ll break down my big tasks into smaller ones and then just pick the one that is easiest for me.  Then, I’ll pick another.
  2. Try. See how it feels. Then try again and see how that feels.  If it doesn’t feel good consistently, I won’t keep doing it. I get to say no if I want.  It’s MY business, for Pete’s sake! I can change my mind if I want to.
  3. Stop. Stop looking at what everyone else is doing. STOP IT.  It isn’t helpful and it isn’t a good use of my time.  Find an app that I can use on my computer so that I can’t search the web, social networks sites, etc.  Use that app.  Well, maybe just try it once…I don’t want to go overboard.  My social media addiction is deep and wide.
  4. Write. Write my story. People connect to my authenticity even though sometimes I have what I call a “vulnerability hangover” after.  So what?  People need me to show up. I can’t ask my clients to be all-in if I am not willing to be.
  5. Walk. Go for a walk and get some fresh air. Be in nature. This has the added benefit of making my dog the happiest she’s been since the last time we went for a walk.
  6. Give myself a break. This starting a business is new to me, too. Sure, I’ve been a business consultant for years and years (and years) but this is the first time in a long time that I am building my own business—online, in ways that didn’t even exist the last time I set out on my own. I don’t have to understand how to utilize social media and everything it entails immediately.  It will come.
  7. Celebrate. Have an “I got this one thing finished” party. Go out to lunch with my BBFF (business best friend) and celebrate each small step.  We are both totally game for any reason-large or small- to revel in either of our successes!

What I am going to do today is to take my own advice and see if I can unthaw my feet just enough to take one tiny step towards my dream business.  I’ll keep you posted.

Love from the tundra,